Uniform Policy

All students must wear:

College tie – this must be worn at all times whilst in and around the College building

Plain black jubbah with high collar (Daffa/Al-Aseel), ties are not required if wearing religious dress. Black Topi

Black skirt (knee length or longer): No fashion skirts: Skirts should not be worn over leggings.

Plain black Abaya/Jilbab (with narrow sleeves).

Black Hijab, if required.

All students must wear 

  • Black trousers – plain cut and full length, no jeans, combats, shorts, leggings, jeggings or cut off trousers
  • Plain white cotton shirt with a collar. Shirts should be tucked in
  • College black blazer with gold piping on the lapels with the college logo on the breast pocket
  • Plain black belts – no fashion belts

Students may wear a plain black sweater under their blazer.
Students must wear the College blazer at all times whilst in and around the college buildings



Shoes should be: black (both upper and sole), flat and logo free. The style should be formal avoiding the appearance of a trainer. They should be closed-toed, lace-up or slip-on. They should be made of polishable or patent leather-type material or suede (not canvas). No velcro straps.

Suitable Shoe Examples

Some specific styles that are not permitted:

Ballet Shoes

Trainers and styles that appear to be more like sports trainers than professional black shoes (having more than one Velcro fastener)

Boots or ankle boots

Styles with obvious logos or branding

However, this list is not exhaustive and the College’s decision on what is/is not acceptable is final.

One outdoor coat – must be plain and reasonably waterproof. No decoration or large logos are permitted. Leather or denim jackets and ‘fashion coats’ are not allowed. (Coloured sweaters and ‘hoodies’ are NOT outdoor coats.) Outdoor coats, scarves, hats and gloves must not be worn in the College building. 

Students must wear their identity badge visibly on a lanyard around their neck at all times unless directed by a member of staff. The ID must not be
defaced. ID badges are needed to: 

  • Hold Food Hall credits enter the library
  • Attend lunchtime clubs collect rewards
  • Gain access to the College building at break or lunchtime print work
  • Enter the library
  • Collect Rewards 
  • Print Work

On health and safety grounds, all staff and students must be identifiable at all times.


Hair must be a natural colour and of a moderate style.

Accessories – one small stud or sleeper in each ear and/or one small nose stud is allowed. No other facial piercing is permitted. No other fashion accessories are allowed. 

Make-up should students choose to wear make-up, it should be light and not excessive. Any concerns regarding make-up will be discussed with parents. 

  • School bag and equipment – all students must have a suitable bag in which to carry books and equipment. This bag must be large enough to hold at least one A4 folder. No pouches or handbags are allowed. 
  • Students must have the basic equipment for learning. i.e. pens, pencils, ruler, rubber and pencil sharpener.
  • Students should have their planner with them throughout the day as well as any subject-specific equipment.
  • Students should enter and leave the College in full uniform. PE and Dance kit is for lesson time only and should be carried in a ba. g
  • In certain cases bespoke reasonable adjustments may be made.

Students need to bring PE kit to all lessons. PE kit is:

  • Navy blue jogging bottoms or shorts
  • Sky blue t-shirt to change into
  • Suitable trainers
  • Navy-blue sweatshirt (no hood) may also be worn
  • Hats (not peaked caps) and gloves (if activity appropriate) when outside if cold
  • Hijabs/headscarves must be secured without pins and tucked into clothing
  • Navy-blue fitted lightweight waterproof sports jacket (this is optional for when it is raining)
  • All jewellery removed
  • A note from home is required for those students who cannot take full part in the lesson as a result of medical
    or other reasons. These students will still need to change to enable them to take part fully in the lesson
    (assist staff, coach, referee and/or do analysis and improvement tasks).
  • Students without a note will be given kit and expected to do the same. PE staff will use their discretion for
    those who may not be able to change
  • We ask parents to uphold our uniform policy and maintain the high standards for which our college is known


If students do not comply to the uniform policy they will be sanctioned.

Where to buy the correct uniform

Schoolwear Solutions – 64 London Road, Oadby Leicester LE2 5DH
Trendy Schoolwear – 113 Uppingham Rd, Leicester LE5 3TB
Uniform Direc t – 54-56 Humberstone Gate, Leicester LE1 3PJ
Correct PE Kit

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